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About the Practitioner
Geumnari   (Gail  Clemente)
CAMTC #2219
Certified Massage Therapist/Brain Management Trainer
Yoga & TaiChi Instructor & Meditation Leader

Gail is a California-state certified Massage Therapist.  She is also an Energy Work Practitioner, Dahn Mu Do/Ki Gong and Yoga Instructor, Brain Management Trainer, Meditation Leader.

She specializes in Zen Shiatsu, Swedish, Zen Deep Tissue, Energy Work,  and Corporate/Chair Massage. Gail's intuitive and flowing integrative bodywork is reflective of her years of Tai Chi/Ki Gong, Dahn Mu Do, Energy Yoga and Meditation practice. She has deeply rooted faith in the body's capacity for healing, and believes that we all have natural healing capacity.

She also leads Ki Gong group or private sessions to help realign the spine, improve circulation, strengthen lower body while relaxing upper body, increase body awareness and connection.  In addition, Gail facilites relaxation and meditation through movement yoga and music therapy.

Gail graduated with honors from National Holistic Institute, College of Massage Therapy and Health Education in San Jose in 2009 and brings to her practice 720 hours of training and education. She completed additional hours and training in Reiki Levels I, II and Master Levels at Place of Bliss in San Jose and completed her Brain Management Consultant training through IBREA (Dahn Foundation).  To date, she has over 4,000 hours of hands-on, practical therapy and teaching hours.

Gail also completed the following trainings and workshops to further her experiential practice in the holistic overall health and well-being, uniting body, mind and spirit: Dahn Healer School in 2007; Healing Chakra 2007; Dahn Mu Do Schools in June and July of 2009; Brain Management Consultant Training in Dec 2009; Dahn Master Course in May 2010, DoTong Course in September 2011.

After being in the corporate world for over ten years, Gail decided to finally follow her heart and dedicate the rest of her life to Holistic studies and research, and promote health and wellness and help facilitate healing from within, for people.

Gail realized through her own personal experience and through her Dahn Yoga practice that changing habits and lifestyle is a huge factor in improving one's health and well-being.   Her passion for helping people tap into their body's natural rhythm to help facilitate in the body's natural healing is reflected in the spiritual, intuitive and customized bodywork she provides her clients. Her work whilst helping improve the physical body, also positively effects one's spiritual and energy being.

She is always seeking different and simple ways and modalities in enhancing the body's natural capacity for optimum health.  

In her free time, Gail enjoys nature walks, hiking, Tai Chi, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, photography, researching many different subjects and journalling.

Gail is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and IBREA and supports the Earth Citizen Movement, a Global Initiative to raise Human Consciousness and Heal our Planet.  Click on the Earth Citizen Movement link on the left panel to read more about it and support the movement.

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